About FHS Industrial Constructors

FHS Industrial Constructors, LLC was developed by our parent company & namesake, FHS Inc. FHS Inc. provides overhead bridge cranes, racking systems and mezzanine solutions throughout the Southeast United States and the Caribbean. They realized a need to better serve their material handling client base. Their customers did not like dealing with the many issues brought about by Contractor’s who did not understand the intricacies of designing and building a structure that supported overhead bridge cranes.

Crane Buildings is our specialty. We have teamed up with the very best Metal Building Manufacturer, Nucor Building Systems, because they understand the importance we place on Quality, Service & Price.

As with most construction firms in this economy you have to be diverse in your project types. We continue to provide services in commercial market including: retail food services, ministry and charitable related organizations, warehouses, mechanical services, office buildings & medical related buildings.